Datura middeleeuwse muziek
Datura middeleeuwse muziek


The medieval band Datura challenges you to close your eyes and let yourself indulge in the magical sounds of the harp, hurdy gurdy, viola, shawn, davul, tamburella and vocals.

Whence captured in their music these eager musicians lift you up and bring you to the long gone times of the middle ages. They will let you enjoy intimate music and they will dare you to dance freely and all sorts of emotions come to pass.

Expect a divers medieval program from religious music, like the Cantigas de Santa Maria to stimulating dancemusic, drinking songs, ballads and secular music among others from the Carmina Burana. Only when you stop dancing, the enchantment will be broken...

Below some samples of our repertoire.


Como poden.mp3

Cantiga 41.mp3


pasa el agua.mp3

Tempus est iucundum.mp3

het beste van de wijne.mp3

Stella Splendens.mp3

stantipes thuisopname.mp3




Belle qui tiens oefensessie.mp3


Tourdion thuisopname.mp3

Branle d'escosse.mp3

schoonlief harp sample.mp3

Im Maien.mp3

cuncti simus draailier solo.mp3