Datura middeleeuwse muziek
Datura middeleeuwse muziek



Datura is a band that brings you Medieval Music for celebrations, festivals and business events, receptions, dinners, weddings and funerals, in a garden, a church, a castle or your private home.
We are commited to add an authentic ambiance to the atmosphere with music, stories and our authentic medieval appearance.

Datura's musicians are:
Nynke Glazema: viella, hurdy-gurdy, shawm and vocals
Tom Haage: spanish lute, various flutes, shawm and vocals
Francesco Scafidi: davul, sazz, jewish harp and vocals
Lies Sommer: harp, hurdy-gurdy, shawm and vocals

We have a divers program varying from energetic dances to drinking songs (Carmina Burana) and from courtly ballads to religious music (Cantigas de Santa Maria). There is an educational program available for children and a workshop medieval dances (read on). We play in a formation of three or four musicians in matching medieval clothing.

According to your wishes we have many possibilities to adapt to the program of the event. A suitable entry where all the guests are welcomed personally, a session of harp and viella with vocals for the romantic moments, lute, hurdy-gurdy and davul for the songs of life at the dinnertable and the shawms come out with the big drum to end the night with a bang!

We can also help you communicating with your guests in the fashion of a 14th century town-crier, trumpet and all. "Ladies and gentlemen from all colors of life, and a colorful lot you are, your host well willingly asks you whether or not you are yet hungry enough to participate in the sitting at the diningtable…" Our music is very suitable for the decoration of a diner party. After all, it's wonderful to enjoy a good glass of wine and a fine conversation combined with pleasant and well timed music.

To complete your party we offer the opportunity to teach you and all the guests a couple of medieval oriented dances, in circle and row, accompanied by live music of course. This workshop is suitable for all the age groups, guarantees participation and a lot of joy and laughter! Datura Medieval Music regularly works together with other medieval artists and can advise you in need for a juggler, a magician, a fireshow or an entire cavalry. We love to help you make your event unforgettable.